NUBBE – Phly Society Minnesota

Norwegian Lure Coursing Champion
Swedish Lure Coursing Champion
Finnish Lure Coursing Champion

No.2 FCI World Coursing Championship 2022

 The viking of Northern Norway

Big boy and lot to love. Nubbe was a always one step ahead of the others in development and the first one to escape from the puppy bin. He enjoyed early to explore outside the “comfort zone”. From early start he shown himself as a real viking.

The weather in Northern Norway doesn’t stop him form hiking in winter wonderland. His a masculine and strong boy that takes every challenge with a wagging tail. His owner taking so good care of him. They have participated in obedience courses and other activities. Hes a quick learner and outgoing. I’m so happy to get daily updates on Nubbe daily life and development.

Even though Nubbe lives in the north, his owner is so dedicated. So Nubbe have got the license to run Lure Coursing – HURRAY! And double hurray since he’s good at it. In 2022 he have bee a rock star at the field winning silver medal at the World Coursing Championship, also becoming LC champion in Norway, Sweden and Finland.


Birth: 06.07.2019
Sex: Male
Father: BR Ch Houdini della Casa Pilcinella
Mother: N Ch Caeles I’ve Got The Power
Color: Red Fawn
Breeder: Regine Jensen
Owner: Evelyn M. Ljøkjell

Personality: Strong – Outgoing – Loving

Health information

DNA results:
Familial Enamel Hypoplasia (FEH): N/mut (carrier)
Primary closed angle glaucoma (PCAG): N/N (clear)
Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA-IG1): AA BB Cc DD Ee

Normal – 20.07.2020

Status no remarks – 20.07.2020