Weekend travel to Denmark to the Sighthound club speciality show and Lure Coursing.
And we got results to be proud about:
Two Danish beauty champions
Phly Society Iowa “Pax” and Arceum’s Sirah ”Sirah“. Sirah went BOS and Pax 2.BM under judge Mr. Van Den Broek

At Sunday’s LC Pax went no.1 with the CAC and Sirah no.2. This was Sirah’s first LC competition since she took her license some years ago… omg that girl could run!

Big congratulations to Sirah’s owner Anniken and her breeder Sandra. What a girl! And to the beautiful BOB dog Orion’s Ocean Soul Noir Desir (father to Noless Billie De Montfort “Prada” that’s owned by Anniken and me).
And not to forget all the beautiful people in Denmark.. so lovely to meet friends again and say hello to new ones!