Me and “P” Idefix Phoenix had never been to a dog show before. Little did I know what I was doing. “Just look at the others” I was told. But easier said than done. In to the ring we went. P was only sniffing the floor, I had no idea what direction I was going, where to stand or how to stack/free stack a dog. The judge had a sense of humor saying “He´s like a nice Ferrari, but you don`t know how to drive it”! Further he said if it wasn’t for my poor handling, P would become Best Of Breed that day. And the results wasn’t to bad. Phoenix got an excellent and went BOB Junior.

So at this day is where it all started. Me and P started to go to dog show trainings and making new (best)friendships. At this point i could never imagen what the future would bring. My only goal was to learn how to drive the Ferrari.

Judge: Francesco Cochetti