Yesterday at the Roskilde Lure Coursing competition ended in a terrible way! Phoenix got a bad bad tumbling, and he broke his right thigh bone! We got to the veterinarian for picture and the brake seems to be clean and a good break to operate. We are now back in Norway and the night has been long with a lot of pain, but P has been a good and tough boy. Right now he’s with the veterinarian for new pictures and water treatment. The operation will be tomorrow and the prognosis is good. They will put in metal sheet to strength the bone. For the best he can be fully functional again, but he’s LC career is over.

Just have to say I’m so grateful for all the support yesterday and today! I got a break down when we came off the field, that I didn’t know I had in me. Always thought I was a lion mum, but NO! So thank you so much to everyone that helped us out. Don’t know what I’ve done without all of you!

Now I’m sitting with a fear and bad feeling for the sport that both me and the boys love. Never know if I ever will let my dogs compete again in the future. Yes, I know that accident happens and it was just bad luck. But this got a stuck in me that I don’t know if I’m coming out of.