Me and Evelyn had a great girls trip with the dogs to Denmark at 3 days dog show. We got some results to be proud about. As previously mentioned “Nubbe” Phly Society Minnesota got the results to complete in Cacil class at LC. “P” Idefix Phoenix went best veteran (both days showing), 3rd on Friday and 2nd best male on Sunday. “Sirah” Arceum’s Sirah went 2nd best female on Sunday, also winning the champion class. “Pax” Phly Society Iowa got excellent with CK, only showing Friday.

In Finland “Phoebe” Fightbells Sparkling Sparks showed her beauty with her breeder Annika. 2nd best female on Saturday and 3rd on Sunday! Way to go super team.

Sirah being the cover girl remembering this weekend, shooting in the beautiful garden next to our hotel!