What a day! The kids had fun and I’m beyond proud about the results.
This time Pax gave all he had after tumbling in 1.round (6th place), he ended up as 2.nd. Also Lucy that had a hard start this season, shown herself better and better. Not to forget our guest Sirah that rocks like a star. (Phly deserves his own brag becoming a champion)

1. CAC, CACIL Arceum’s Sirah “Sirah”
2. Res. CACIL Phly Society Iowa “Pax”
3. CAC, SE LCCH Caeles Mind Over Matter “Phly”
4. Phly Society Arizona “Lucy”

Big thanks to all friends meeting up, traveling and helping each other out. And to the organizer for a great day!

Hipp hurray to Sirah’s owner Anniken and Lars, and to her breeder Sandra. This girl are something special!